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German Shepherd Puppies Dedicated as a breeder to a Healthy Legacy


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Our German Shepherd Dogs our passion

We provide ongoing support

We provide the following with each puppy.

A written health warranty on congenital  conditions such as hip or elbow displasia, heart issues,  Each pup is vaccinated with the age appropriate vaccinations, all pups are heath checked by our vet and records are available to you.

Each new puppy parent receives lifetime support form us on training , behavior issues, and how to be an effective handler. These are just a sampling and this support covers most anything related to your dog or dogs One on One training sessions are available in the Pueblo Colorado area at a discounted rate on your site.  

First meet deposits are being accepted on the current litter or add yourself to our waiting list.

Email sidpope@stahlstadt.com to add your name to the waiting list, no deposit is required. 

 Call us  at :  (719) 404-3699 To post a first meet deposit on a particular pup. Deposit is $250.00  and reserves the pup for you to meet before anyone else.  You also get to meet all the other available pups. The deposit is refundable and does not lock you into a particular pup, Temperament  testing has been done.  These are medium to high drive pups, reserved and somewhat independent.  In a relationship built on trust they will be very loyal and ready to go wherever  their parents go.

We want to hear from you. Send us your comments.

Send you comments to sidpope@stahlstadt.com and we will post them here.  Let us know what you think Tell us about your companion.  Thanks.

Our prototype of the Stahl Stadt Crate System is here.

We highly recommend crate training  dogs. It provides a safe place  that feels secure to the dog.  We are not happy with what we have found out there for large active dogs.  at $200.00+ a crate should last the life of the dog and beyond.  Large active dogs especially high energy dogs like German Shepherds express their excitement and their crate should withstand this.  This crate system is designed to contain and keep very active dogs safe and secure. The prototype is here and is being tested by our bouncing boy Gulliver.  Gulliver in his enthusiasm for life has thoroughly trashed 2  $289.00 "Heavy Duty" Crates. He has done this by playing with his chew ball, flopping for a nap, or bouncing as we come in the door. He has done this in less than a year.  The longest a crate has lasted is 5 months with 1 rebuild ($200.00). Cost approximately $625.00 with a 3 week lead and a lifetime warranty (people lifetime)

Next litter is tentatively planned for 2021 Parents to be determined.

Sadik, Diesel and Echo will be joined in the breeding program by several potential candidates. Gulliver will be OFA evaluated in the next year, as will Gypsy, Hansel, and Happy. All of these are Stahl Stadt Kennel dogs.  Gulliver and Gypsy are from lines unrelated to Hansel and Happy.  All of these dogs demonstrate the character and temperament we strive for.  Loyal, intelligent, mid to high drives, obedient with enough independence  to mature into a confident  companion and friend.  

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Are these dogs registered? 

Yes with AKC, all pups leave our kennel registered with the AKC. 

Are hips checked? 

All adult dogs are checked for hip and elbow problems.  Only dogs with normal or better hips and elbows are ever used in the breeding program, the exception to this would be in the case of a known injury, such as Diesel who was injured during police dog training. In his case the injury has compromised 1 hip, although it has healed he will not certify with OFA. His other hip shows as good.  The injury also prevents him from working as a police dog as the injury shortens his useful working life.

Do you  have a healthy pup policy?

All pups are screened for health issues from birth to adoption. We provide a written health guarantee with each pup.  


Vitamin Supplements

Where a top quality food goes along way to support good health just like us vitamin supplements are important too.


We proudly recommend Nu Vet Labs premium  pet supplements for dogs and cats. Nu Vet Plus supplements help prolong  the life of your pet and can help eliminate most ailments — guaranteed.  Ailments include:


  • Allergies
  • Skin and Coat Problems
  • Scratching, Itching, and Biting
  • Hot Spots
  • Arthritis and Joint Problems
  • Premature Aging

  • Low Energy Levels
  • Diabetes and Liver Problems
  • Cataracts and Tumors
  • Digestive Problems
  • Tearing
  • Heart Disease

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Hansel at 6 months

Hansel at 6 months

About Us

Gulliver out of Diesel and Karlee at about 7 months old.

Experienced Breeders

Since 2001 My son and I have been breeders of working line German Shepherds. Our goal is German Shepherd puppies with an emphasis on intelligence, loyalty, and disposition,  Starting with good healthy working line dogs, and pairing parents to compliment each others best traits in their offspring and raised in a family setting.

Gypsy out of Diesel and Karlee at about 7 months old

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Each of our dogs are our friends and companions,  High quality food and loving care produces a healthy and happy dog.  A healthy, happy dog produces high quality pups. OFA hip and elbow certification minimizes the possibility of hip or elbow problems, rigorous health screening of parents and puppies helps us to produce high quality healthy dogs with a health guarantee in writing.

Hansel out of Sadik and Echo at about 4 months old. He is 1 big boy

Lifetime Support for you and your new friend.

Support and help is just a call or email away.  We are here for you and your pup.  From training questions to behavior modification, or just to share a story.  We are passionate about our friends and they are always welcome 


Training services are available by appointment in the Pueblo Colorado area.

Contact Us

Litter Inquiries

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Reserve a first to meet

See a pup you think might be the one? Put a deposit ($250.00 refundable) on the pup and reserve the right to first meet for that pup.  The deposit pulls the pup out of introductions to prosepective parents until you meet that pup.  The deposit does not lock you into only that pup but assures you the opportunity to meet  that pup and all the other available pups too. Didn't find that perfect pup this litter the deposit can be refunded or carried your choice.

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